Leather texture

These texture surfaces imitating the patterns of genuine leather are frequently used for trimming and upholstery in automobile interiors that give luxurious look and feel, and help reduce the costs of PVC leather.

Crepe weave finish

Crepe weave is particularly suitable as decorative finish for consumer electronic products.

Wood texture

These texture surfaces imitating the grains of wood are popular for plastic doors, windows, desks and chairs to give them the rugged look of real wood.

Geometric pattern

Geometric patterns exuding the aesthetics of regularity offer design engineers more options and can be used for light transparency control in electronic products.

Special pattern

Special patterns may be used in optical, high-tech and home products, for example, in light shield, casing of medical equipment, and partition boards for bathroom ceiling. The pattern can be specially treated to stay off dust and moisture.

Laser texture

Moulds can be sandblast for cleaning or maintenance purpose, or for change of gloss to adjust the luster of final product.